Friday, September 18, 2015

I have moved to another site:

HAHAHAHA her it is:

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Am i going to delete this site? I don't know. I am attached like that.

but you can still find old post in the new blog.

but i am attached to blogger so i doubt i will ever delte this site. #CLINGY

Monday, September 7, 2015

Another Birthday Post........

I have been talking about birthdays for the past entries and today is no exception! AUG/SEPT is like overloaded with birthdays in my circle of friends and families.

So on Friday, I was invited to Ana's Birthday! The main organiser for this surprise party was #enamjahanams AND Boolat! I only came in later into the picture. Technically speaking, I am part of the surprise also since I am the last person Ana will expect to be there hahahahahah.

Anyway, the surprise went really well. Ana was really surprised, food cooked by Nana was so good, the decor was so princessy, got to hang out great company and there were good vibes all around.

It was quite exciting to see how everything turned out. This is how Ana's surprise started. SO CUTE HAHAHA.

While she was blindfolded, we were in the hotel preparing and waiting for her arrival.

We took selfies, of course. Natural lighting main peranan of course. Like the best peranan ever. So flawless.

So when Ana came, we were all hiding in the toilet. When she entered, she was so noisy. Dasar mak nenek. Keep asking questions.  Even when she wanted to open her blindfold, can even ask "Am I going to shout?!" Or something along that line haha.  But when she opened her eyes she said "I knew it!" And was jumping around. Haha.

So apa lagi, we selfie lor.

We then ate super good food by Nana and spent the night talking away. They were the most kecoh and most noisiest in the 8th level. I was not. I step demure only. We did so many crazy things like dikir barat and all. But let's just know that what happens in 817, stays in 817. I was zombified by the bantals. Why are hotel bantals so good? Which led to this gambar-gambar hehe.


I had so much fun there but soon it was time to leave. I was off for another surprise party!

Since Shana was heading about the same way, we took the same cab! Thank you yup Shana InsyaAllah murah rezeki you!!!!

I was off to SK's surprise party. I already berkomplot with the mother earlier so we all knew the plan. I sneakily went up and then we surprised him. SK didn't even know I was in his house. I messaged him."I'm home" padehal I was at his house. LAST THING he expected was me.

So we surprised him with the cake. Kak liyana and abg apit was there too so just nice. Meriahkan suasana.

Hehe hehe so since he was working the weekends, I'm finally meeting him tomorrow to celebrate his birthday.

Also, we finally turned one being engaged!!!!! Which means it's about 1 yr and 2 mths more to go! WOO HOO. K this one blog about I another time bye! Hehe

Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Baby

My brother just turned 2 last week so we had a small celebration for him. This boy loves birthdays and we had about 4 cake cutting sessions for him just this year!! Amboi, bertuah habis.

Ahhh so happy my brother is happy.

Also, my brother is smart.

Him: "Auffff"

Definitely the boss of my life bahaha

So thankful for everyone who helped out yest! Yayy